St Mark’s strives to have four different ‘arms’ to its mission strategy:

1. Bridge Building (activities that build friendships and relationships), such as social events, concerts, dinners, playgroup and ‘Toolbox’ parenting seminars.

2. Raising Interest (presenting aspects of the gospel and who Jesus is), such as our Christmas and Easter services, School services, CRE, Mustard, ‘Invite a friend’ services.

3. Gospel Presentation (presenting a clear summary of the Christian faith over a number of weeks and asking for commitment), such as Baptism or Confirmation classes, Lorne Theos or Alpha type courses.

4. Money (giving money to other organisations to present the gospel), such as our support of CMS and their work in South East Asia, BCA and their work around Mildura and Ridley Melbourne Theological College.

St Marks Church Camberwell Gunthorpe missionaries

Somewhere In South East Asia

We support Jon and Deborah, with their sons Oliver and Simeon. They are involved in theological education in a large city in South East Asia.