DateTitleBible ReferenceSeriesSpeaker
14-Apr-19God's king has comeLuke 19: 28-48Ben Hewitt
07-Apr-19The returnLuke 21Greg Allinson
31-Mar-19The first martyrActs 6:8 - 8:3Mark Hanson
24-Mar-19Sharing the loadActs 6:1-15Greg Allinson
17-Mar-19Sharing ....or notActs 4:32-37, Acts 5:1-11Ben Hewitt
10-Mar-19Persecution & boldnessActs 4Greg Allinson
03-Mar-19Resurrection PowerActs 3: 1-26Mark Hanson
24-Feb-19A believer's lifeActs 2: 37-47Greg Allinson
17-Feb-19Power from on highActs 2: 1-36Ben Hewitt
10-Feb-19Where is Jesus?Acts 1: 1-11Greg Allinson
03-Feb-19God will...We willMalachi 3:16-4:6Greg Allinson
27-Jan-19God the generousMalachi 3: 6-15Hannah Njoto
13-Jan-19God's leadersMalachi 1:6 - 2:9Mark Hanson
06-Jan-19God of loveMalachi1: 1-5
30-Dec-18Hopes and aspirationsLuke 2:21-39Greg Allinson
25-Dec-18Glory to GodLuke 2: 1-20Mark Hanson
24-Dec-18Preparing for ChristmasLuke 1: 57-80Greg Allinson
23-Dec-18Mary's SongLuke 1: 39-56Greg Allinson
16-Dec-18Christmas adviceLuke 1: 26-38Greg Allinson
02-Dec-18The Gospels as HistoryLuke 1: 1-4Greg Allinson
25-Nov-18Empty cultural promises1 Thessalonians 5
18-Nov-18Encouragement1 Thessalonians 4:13-18Greg Allinson
04-Nov-18Standing strong in the faith1 Thessalonians 3Behan McCullagh
03-Nov-18C.S. LewisC.S.LewisHeroes of the faithRhys Bezzant
03-Nov-18Charles WesleyCharles WesleyHeroes of the faithRhys Bezzant
03-Nov-18Thomas CranmerThomas CranmerHeroes of the faithRhys Bezzant
28-Oct-18How to Minister 1 Thessalonians 2Greg Allinson
21-Oct-18Real Christians1 Thessalonians 1Mark Hanson
14-Oct-18Seek the LordIsaiah 55: 1-13Greg Allinson
07-Oct-18The Servant's sacrificeIsaiah 52:13 - 53:12Mark Holmes
30-Sep-18Listening to GodIsaiah 48John Schoer
23-Sep-18Old Testament GraceIsaiah 43: 1-21Mark Hanson
16-Sep-18A Chosen ServantIsaiah 42Michelle Monro
09-Sep-18Who wants to be a servant?Luke 17: 7-10Adrian Lane
19-Aug-18Hot topics: GuidanceEphesians 5: 15-20Greg Allinson
12-Aug-18Hot Topics: PornographyMatthew 5: 27-30Greg Allinson
5-Aug-18Hot Topics: Sabbath Romans 14: 1-9Mark Hanson
29-Jul-18Jesus at the Party #2John 7: 32-52Greg Allinson
22-Jul-18Jesus at the Party #1John 7: 1-31Mark Hanson
15-Jul-18Disputed foodJohn 6: 41-71Greg Allinson
08-Jul-18True foodJohn 6: 22-40Conrad Parsons
01-Jul-18A lot of foodJohn 6: 1-21
24-Jun-18The Creed: I believe in the ChurchEphesians 4: 1-6Greg Allinson
17-Jun-18The Creed: I believe in the Holy SpiritRomans 8: 1-11John Schoer
10-Jun-18I believe in God the SonColossians 1: 15-20Mark Hanson
03-Jun-18The Creed: I believe in God the Father John 12: 44-50Greg Allinson
27-May-18The King's SonIsaiah 11: 1-16Greg Allinson
20-May-18The King's MessiahIsaiah 9Greg Allinson
13-May-18The King's Judgement Isaiah 8Mark Hanson
6-May-18The King's Hope?Isaiah 7Mark Holmes
29-Apr-18The King's throneIsaiah 6Conrad Parsons
22-Apr-18The King's JusticeIsaiah 5: 1-7Greg Allinson
15-Apr-18The King's Vision Isaiah 2: 1-11Matt Ooi
08-Apr-18The King's ChargeIsaiah 1Greg Allinson
01-Apr-18Do not be afraidMatthew 28: 1-20Matt Ooi
25-Mar-18Which Jesus do you want to meet?Matthew 21:1-17Greg Allinson
18-Mar-18Effective PrayerJames 5: 13-20Michelle Monro
11-Mar-18Learning to wait James 5: 1-12Matt Ooi
04-Mar-18Fights and quarrelsJames 4Mark Holmes
25 Feb 18Taming the tongue James 3 Greg Allinson
18-Feb-18Faith in ActionJames 2Greg Allinson
11-Feb-18How to listen James 1: 19-27Bishop Genieve
4-Feb-18Your faith on trial James 1: 1-18Matt Ooi
28-Jan-18Jesus with the FatherJohn 5: 25 - 47John Schoer
21-Jan-18Jesus in JerusalemJohn 5:1 - 24
14-Jan-18Jesus in GalileeJohn 4:43-54Greg Allinson
7-Jan-18Jesus in SamariaJohn 4:1 - 42Greg Allinson
31 Dec-17Start the year in light1 John 5:13 - 21Chris White
25-Dec-17Light has arrivedJohn 1:14 - 18Matt Ooi
12-Dec-17Light in the beginningJohn 1:1 - 5Greg Allinson
10-Dec-17Light foretoldIsaiah 49: 1 - 7Denise Nicholls
03-Dec-17We are the light of the world1 Thessalonians 5:1 - 11Matt Ooi
19-Nov-17The Church and Euthanasia Psalm 139: 1-18Greg Allinson
12-Nov-17An international church 1 Corinthians 16: 1-24Greg Allinson
5-Nov-17Martin Luther ...The Original Evangelical Romans 3: 20-26Behan McCullagh
5-Nov-17Supremacy - Session 4 - Colossians 4 Supremacy - Session 4 - Colossians 4Mike Bird
4-Nov-17Supremacy - Session 3 - Colossians 2:12-24Supremacy - Session 3 - Colossians 2:12-24Mike Bird
4-Nov-17Supremacy - Session 2 - Colossians 1:15-30Supremacy - Session 2 - Colossians 1:15-30Mike Bird
4-Nov-17Supremcacy - Introduction to Colossians Supremacy - Intro to Colossians Mike Bird
29-Oct-17On the Resurrection1 Corinthians 15: 1-34Fionna Chia
22 Oct 17On orderly worship 1 Corinthians 14: 26-40Michelle Monro
8-Oct-17On Tongues and Prophecy 1 Corinthians 14: 1-25Matt Ooi
1-Oct-17The Power of Love1 Corinthians 13: 1-13Greg Allinson
24-Sep-17God, your co-worker Colossians 3:22-4:1Andrew Laird
17-Sep-17Blessed To Be A Blessing Galatians 3: 1-14David Fell
10-Sep-17CMS Mission to the Ends of the Earth Revelation 7: 1-17 Wei-Han Kuan
3-Sep-17God's Priestly People: Who am I? 1 Peter 2: 4-10Andrew Malone
27-Aug-17Gifts of the Spirit 1 Corinthians 12: 1-31Greg Allinson
20-Aug-17Broken Church & Remedies 1 Corinthians 11: 17-34Greg Allinson
13-Aug-17Can I Attend a Pagan Ritual? 1 Cor 10 in Historical Perspective1 Corinthians 10: 23-11:1
6-Aug-17Ministry and Rights1 Corinthians 9Greg Allinson
30-Jul-17Love trumps Knowledge 1 Corinthians 8: 1-13Matt Ooi
23-Jul-17'Singleness or Marriage'? 1 Corinthians 7: 25-401 Corinthians 7: 25-40Greg Allinson
16-Jul-17What makes for church unity Ephesians 4: 1-16Greg Allinson
9-Jul-17 - 6pmPeace in our timeHebrews 10Matt Ooi
9-Jul-17 - 9amPeace in our time Hebrews 10Matt Ooi
02-July-17Stepping into church why goMatthew 16: 13-23Greg Allinson
25-Jun-17God behind the scenes Ruth 4Greg Allinson
18-Jun-17Risk, Reward, Response Ruth 3Matt Ooi
11-Jun-17God works through the godly Ruth 2Greg Allinson
4-Jun-17Faith in Faithless Times Ruth 1: 1-22Matt Ooi
21-May-17God's eye view Job 38: 1-21Matt Ooi
7-May-17It's not about the moneyMatthew 19-21Matt Ooi
30-Apr-17Favourite Passages I'd Like PreachedMicah 6: 1-8Nate Raiter
23-Apr-17Favourite Passages Hebrews 12: 1-13Matt Ooi
16-Apr-17Fear and Surprise Mark 16: 1-8Greg Allinson
14-Apr-17Good Friday Service Mark 14-15Matt Ooi
9-Apr-17Palms and Figs Mark 11: 1-25Greg Allinson
2-Apr-17Married or Single 1 Corinthians 7: 1-24Michelle Monro
19-Mar-17There is a line 1 Corinthians 5: 1-12Matt Ooi
12-Mar-17Christian Leadership 1 Corinthians 4: 1-21Greg Allinson
5-Mar-17What ministers need to know...1 Corinthians 3: 1-23Greg Allinson
19-Feb-17Real Power 1 Corinthians 1: 18-31Greg Allinson
12-Feb-17One Mind One Purpose 1 Corinthians 1: 1-17Matt Ooi
5-Feb-17The five habits of mission 1 Peter 3: 8-18Greg Allinson
29-Jan-17Let the spirit growRomans 8: 1-17Matt Ooi
22-Jan-17Thrown into the sea Mark 9: 38-50Greg Allinson
8-Jan-17Only through prayer Mark 9: 14-29Conrad Parsons
1-Jan-17Dazzling WhiteMark 9: 2-13Michelle Monro
18-Dec-16Who do you think you are ?Matthew 1: 1-17Matt Ooi
11-Dec-16Looking forward to ChristmasIsaiah 9: 1-7Greg Allinson
4-Dec-16Understanding Islam & Responding as ChristiansJohn 4: 27-42Bernie Power
27-Nov-16War and Peace in a Volatile WorldMatthew 10: 34-39
20-Nov-16Your Work, God's Work Colossians 1: 15-23Angus Monro
13-Nov-16Why do we sing?Psalm 95Dan Wimpress
6-Nov-16Same Sex Marriage - copies for Parishioners available from the office.
30-Oct-16Forgo Forgive Follow Luke 6: 37-42Matt Ooi
23-Oct-16Loving Rewards Luke 6: 27-36Conrad Parsons
16-Oct-16How to be happy Luke 6: 20-26Greg Allinson
9-Oct-16Vision setting 2016 Ephesians 4: 11-16Matt Ooi
9-Oct-16Jesus chooses the TwelveLuke 6: 12-19
2-Oct-16How should we follow Jesus?Luke 5: 27-39Greg Allinson
25-Sep-16Jesus forgivesLuke 5: 12-26Maddy Solomon
18-Sep-16The steadfast love of the Lord Exodus 34Greg Allinson
11-Sep-16PrayExodus 33: 1-17Matt Ooi
4-Sep-16The Golden Calf Exodus 32Greg Allinson
28-Aug-16God present with his peopleExodus 26Greg Allinson
21-Aug-16God spoke Exodus Chapters 19-20Matt Ooi
14-Aug-16Slow to follow?Exodus 16Conrad Parsons
7-Aug-16What has God done for me recently? Psalm 16Matt Ooi
31-Jul-16Why do human beings mess up so much? Psalm 2Greg Allinson
24-Jul-16What is being human? Psalm 8Greg Allinson
17-Jul-16Exodus 14 - The great deliverance Exodus 14Matt Ooi
10-Jul-16Exodus - A night to rememberExodus 12: 1-32Greg Allinson
3-Jul-16Exodus - God vs. PharaohExodus 7: 1-7Matt Ooi
26-Jun-16Exodus - The I AmExodus 3: 1-15Matt Ooi
19-Jun-16Oppression & HopeExodus 1 & 2Greg Allinson
12-Jun-16A Humble People1 Peter 5: 1-14Greg Allinson
5-Jun-16A Suffering People1 Peter 4: 12-19Matt Ooi
29-May-16A Distinctive People - Armed To Live1 Peter 4: 1-11Mark Holmes
22-May-16A Courageous People1 Peter 3: 8-22Greg Allinson
15-May-16A Beautiful People1 Peter 3: 1-7Fionna Chia
8-May-16A Submissive People1 Peter 2: 18-25Matt Ooi
1-May-16God's Generous People1 Timothy 6: 6-19Greg Allinson
24-Apr-16A Chosen People1 Peter 2: 4-12Matt Ooi
24-Apr-16A Chosen People1 Peter 2: 4-12Greg Allinson
10-Apr-16A Holy People1 Peter 1: 13-2: 3Matt Ooi
3-Apr-16A Joyful People1 Peter 1: 1-12Conrad Parsons
27-Mar-16Easter Sunday - Startled and TerrifiedLuke 24: 36-53Matt Ooi
20-Mar-16People of God - Work on your serviceJohn 13: 1-20Greg Allinson
13-Mar-16People of God - Work on your outreach2 Timothy 1: 1-18Greg Allinson
6-Mar-16People of God - Work on your discipleshipActs 2: 29-47Greg Allinson
28-Feb-16What to do in the endZephaniah 3: 14-20Greg Allinson
21-Feb-16God Speaks: His CityZephaniah 3: 1-13Matt Ooi
14-Feb-16God Speaks: We should repentZephaniah 1: 14-2: 3Greg Allinson
7-Feb-16God Speaks: My ComingZephaniah 1: 1-13Matt Ooi
31-Jan-16Know Jesus series: He's callingLuke 5: 1-11Matt Ooi
20-Dec-15The Blessed LifeLuke 1: 39-56Matt Ooi
13-Dec-15Here I am the servant of the LordLuke 1: 26-38Greg Allinson
6-Dec-15The Gospels as HistoryLuke 1: 1-4Greg Allinson
29-Nov-15Paul's vision for church: Where Doctrine inspires devotionTitus 3Ben Hewitt
22-Nov-15Paul's vision for a teaching church taught Christ has come & will come backTitus 2Ben Hewitt
15-Nov-15Who should be a church leaderTitus 1Greg Allinson
8-Nov-15GamblingColossians 3: 1-6Matt Ooi
1-Nov-15EnvironmentalismRomans 8: 18-25Greg Allinson
25-Oct-15Sex outside marriageHebrews 13: 1-6Greg Allinson
18-Oct-15Capital PunishmentRomans 13: 1-7Matt Ooi
11-Oct-15Asylum Seekers - Why should we care? What can we do?Revelation 7: 9-12Greg Allinson
4-Oct-15Unity in DiversityJohn 17: 1-26
27-Sep-15Conquering the world - Lasting JoyJohn 16: 16-33Greg Allinson
20-Sep-15You are not wrong to believe in Jesus!John 16: 4-15Greg Allinson
20-Sep-15More Holy Spirit please!John 16: 4-15Matt Ooi
13-Sep-15The Christian in the worldJohn 15: 18-16: 4Fionna Chia
13-Sep-15The Christian In The World - Love HateJohn 15: 18-16: 4Denise Nicholls
6-Sep-15What makes for peace?Philippians 4: 2-23Greg Allinson
30-Aug-15The cost of discipleship - Win the racePhilippians 3: 13-4:1Matt Ooi
23-Aug-15The cost of discipleship - How to rejoice in the LordPhilippians 3: 1-12Greg Allinson
16-Aug-15Modelling ChristPhilippians 2: 19-30Mark Holmes
16-Aug-15The cost of discipleship - The price we payPhilippians 2: 12-24Peter Adam
9-Aug-15The cost of discipleship - The price Jesus paidPhilippians 2: 1-11Peter Adam
2-Aug-15Philippians 2 - Let's Do SomethingPhilippians 2: 12-18John Schoer
2-Aug-15The cost of discipleship - The price Paul paidPhilippians 1: 12-30Peter Adam
26-Jul-15Like a Thief in the night - How to be ready for the second coming of Christ1 Thessalonians 5: 1-10Brian Hilton
19-Jul-15What's worth living for?Philippeans 1: 18-29Ben Hewitt
12-Jul-15What are you passionate for?Philippeans 1: 1-18Ben Hewitt
12-Jul-15Passages that changed my life - The Power of HopePsalm 27: 1-14Michelle Monro
5-Jul-15Joshua series - The beginning of The EndJoshua 11: 16-23Matt Ooi
28-Jun-15Joshua series - The battle belongs to the LordJoshua 10: 1-15Matt Ooi
21-Jun-15Josua series - The Gibeonites' SalvationJoshua 9: 1-27John Schoer
21-Jun-15Joshua series - Gibeonites GraceJoshua 9: 1-27Matt Ooi
14-Jun-15Joshua series - WarningJoshua 7: 1-28Matt Ooi
7-Jun-15Covenant RenewalJoshua 5: 1-9Matt Ooi
31-May-15Faithfulness of RahabJoshua 2: 1-24Greg Allinson
24-May-15Herem Or Holy WarJoshua 1: 1-9Matt Ooi
17-May-15Stay ConnectedJohn 15: 1-17Greg Allinson
10-May-15We Are Not AloneJohn 14: 15-31Matt Ooi
3-May-15Best Of The BestJohn 14: 1-14Greg Allinson
26-Apr-15Feed My SheepJohn 21: 15-25Matt Ooi
26-Apr-15Soldiers Of ChristJohn 21: 15-25Greg Allinson
19-Apr-15Joy In FishingJohn 21: 1-14Greg Allinson
12-Apr-15Dealing With DoubtJohn 20: 19-31Nate Raiter
12-Apr-15Seeing Is Not Necessarily BelievingJohn 20: 19-31Ben Hewitt
5-Apr-15The Resurrection - Truth Or Lie?John 20: 1-18Greg Allinson
29-Mar-15Come And See The Coming KingJohn 12: 12-19Fionna Chia
21-Mar-15Revelation Talk 1Revelation Talk 1Tim Foster
21-Mar-15Revelation Talk 2Revelation Talk 2Tim Foster
21-Mar-15Revelation Talk 3Revelation Talk 3Tim Foster
21-Mar-15Revelation Talk 4Revelation Talk 4Tim Foster
21-Mar-15Revelation Talk 5Revelation Talk 5Tim Foster
21-Mar-15Revelation Talk 6Revelation Talk 6Tim Foster